Welcome to the Bedtime Specialist

Why have a site about SLEEPING?

I like sleeping. In fact, I like sleeping a LOT.

And not just LIKE, I also NEED a lot of sleep.

I need a good 8h+ of sleep a night to feel rested, more if I want to feel “well-rested”.

It’s a running joke with everyone I have ever dated or shared a bed with, that if sleeping was an Olympic sport, I would definitely get a podium position.

I like to go to bed early on a Friday night, so I can wake up early on Saturday, get up, have coffee, read the news, then have a nap again around 9am.  This is my perfect Saturday morning!

As they say, sleeping is my jam!

My mission is to help you SLEEP BETTER at night

Who am I?

I am also a tense person, which often makes it difficult for me to fall asleep.

I think until my mid-twenties when I started to meditate, which taught me how to relax my body, it used to take me an average of 2h a night to fall asleep.

Plus I get all kinds of body aches and pains when my pillow is not “just right”, or I’m sleeping on a poor mattress.

I am the embodiment of that story of the Princess and the Pea.  Honestly, I am. 

I need a lot of comfy, fluffy pillows and bedding to really have a good night’s sleep.

What should you listen to me?

But mostly, I tend to over-research everything. 

When I last had to buy a mattress, I spent hours and hours online doing research.

It is exhausting!

So I decided that I might as well spend all that energy I have given to sleeping and researching sleeping over the years by helping others sleep better.

It is my hope that you don’t have to read 50 different websites reviewing mattresses to find the one you like, but that instead you can find all the information you need right here at Bedtime Specialist.

I also want to share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years when it comes to sleeping and staying asleep.

What makes me a Specialist?

I’m just a person who enjoys sleeping, someone who is very demanding about their mattress, pillows and bedding.  

Someone who has a habit of spending hours researching everything.

Does that make me a specialist? 

Who knows.

I do know that means I have something I can share with others to help them make their own lives easier and better.

  • I do the research, so YOU don’t have to.  
  • I do the research, so YOU can get on with your life and do all the fun stuff you like to do.
  • I do the research, so YOU can have a good night’s sleep.

So have a look a round, get to know the site, and feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.

My name?

And I live in the United Kingdom.
I am very pleased to meet you.

Lyn K