Itchy Eyes? Runny Nose? This Is The Best Down Comforter For Allergies And It’s 100% Natural

Do you keep waking up with a blocked nose or itchy eyes in the morning? It might be a dust mite allergy. This is the best down comforter for allergies that is 100% natural and organic.

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best down comforter for allergies is, I recommend the APSMILE Luxury 100% Organic Cotton All Season Goose Down Comforter. - Helping you sleep at night

best down comforter for allergies

Having an allergic reaction while in bed is most likely due to dust mites.

Sure, if you get hayfever and it’s the middle of spring and you like sleeping with the windows open, it could be pollen, but for the most part, in bed, it’s more likely you are allergic to dust mites.

In fact, the allergic reaction you get to dust mites is in fact, an allergic reaction to microscopic dust created by their poop as well their tiny little dead bodies.

It’s groce, I know!

But it’s the truth.

Dust mites are tiny microscopic creatures, related to ticks or spiders, that are too small to be visible to the human eye.

And they like to eat our dead skin cells which make its way into our bedding, our comforters, our mattresses and our pillows.

Thank goodness we can’t see them, it would totally freak me the F* out!

The thing is, bedding made from natural products like duck down or goose down, or even feathers have a tendency to make things worse for allergy sufferers, whether you suffer from hayfever or a dust mite allergy, it doesn’t matter, your allergies get worse.

People often think they are allergic to feathers, but that sort of allergy is really rare.  It’s usually a dust mite allergy that is triggering their allergies to spiral out of control.

The hot and somewhat humid environment created by down bedding allows dust mites to thrive.

While synthetic, also called “down alternative” comforters and duvets create the same sort of environment, they are often treated to be hypoallergenic.

Plus of course, they are easier to wash and keep hygienic.

Chucking a down or feather duvet or comforter into the washing machine is not always possible.  And even ones that are machine washable, might pose a problem if say, it’s a king size comforter/duvet, making it way too big for your home washing machine.

However, more and more evidence points to the fact that down or feathers do not cause more dust mite allergens or dander than synthetic down alternative products, so should not cause your allergies to flare up more than usual.

But down alternative products are often cheaper, so easier to replace, easier to keep clean, and you don’t have to worry about the ethical or moral implications of whether the down or feathers were plucked from live geese/ducks, an incredible painful and traumatic process.

Anyway, as usual I’ve done the research for you, giving you the help you need to have a good night’s sleep.

Our Editor’s Choice for the best down comforter for allergies is…

APSMILE Luxury 100% Organic Cotton All Season Goose Down Comforter - Helping you sleep at night

APSMILE Luxury 100% Organic Cotton All Season Goose Down Comforter King Size 650 Fill Power Medium Warmth Hypoallergenic Duvet Insert, Beige White


This product from APSMILE is billed as a comforter, but really it’s more of a duvet insert.

Made with a baffle box construction, it’s a soft plush, breathable and very comfortable 100% natural goose down feather comforter.

What makes it stand out of the crowd, besides it’s 4.7 out of 5 stars (at the time of writing) and it’s hypoallergenic properties, is that it comes in different “warmth” levels.

For example, there is a lightweight warmth option for sleepers who like to keep their bedrooms over 68 degrees, a medium warmth option for all year round warmth, so for those who like their bedrooms to be 64-73 degrees, all in a twin, queen and king size.

There’s also a winter weight option for optimum warmth in colder climates, also in the same sizes, and targeted for people who like to keep their bedrooms colder, so below 64 degrees.

For people who like it hot, or who live in really cold climates, a winter weight duvet is a good choice.

But if you are a hot sleeper even in winter, then go for the medium warmth option, no-one likes being too warm and getting all hot and sweaty in bed.

And for those who live in mild climates, buy the lightweight option.

The medium warmth king size has a 64 oz fill weight, with a 650+ fill power, whereas the medium warmth queen size duvet has a 47 oz fill weight.

Making it perfect as a year round duvet or comforter.

APSMILE Luxury 100% Organic Cotton All Season Goose Down Comforter King Size 650 Fill Power Medium Warmth Hypoallergenic Duvet Insert, Beige White

It’s made from a premium white goose down filling which was responsibly harvested, as proven by their Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certificate, all wrapped in a 100% cotton cover with a thread count of 1200.

It also has a 100% Organic Content Standard certificate, meaning all the content, the goose down and the cotton used to make the comforter, is 100% organic.

An OEKO-TEX certificate means you can rest easy that no harmful chemicals will make it into your bed.

Because it comes vacuum packed, the manufacturer recommends you leave it spread out for a few days to refluff itself, or you can put it into the tumble dryer on a low heat for 10min.

But it’s not machine washable, so dry clean only I’m afraid. Although that is true for most down products.

To keep it as free as possible from dust and dander, to avoid allergies and make it as hypoallergenic as possible, they cleaned the down feathers using a special process called an ECO treatment.

I mean they’ve really gone out of their way to make this as hypoallergenic as possible.

The only other thing I can recommend to make it even more hypoallergenic, is to add a duvet cover, preferably one that is also hypoallergenic, so bamboo (viscose or rayon), silk, and 100% organic cotton.

Washing a duvet cover is also way easier than cleaning the whole comforter, or taking it to be dry cleaned.

And if you haven’t already, get some brand new and clean hypoallergenic pillows and bedsheets as well.

All of these will help to keep your bed an allergy free zone.

APSMILE Luxury 100% Organic Cotton All Season Goose Down Comforter King Size 650 Fill Power Medium Warmth Hypoallergenic Duvet Insert, Beige White


The APSMILE comforter is the best hypoallergenic option for allergy suffers that is also made from a 100% organic cotton cover with a fill of natural goose down feathers.

It’s simply amazing.

Fluffy, soft, breathable, comfortable and lovely, it really gives you that hotel bedding feeling.

One customer described it as sleeping on a cloud.

Having said that, if you really want to avoid down feathers, and prefer a down alternative synthetic comforter (which I do), then you can go wrong with the high quality offered by Linenspa.

Linenspa makes a great all-season down alternative microfiber comforter, rated the number 1 best seller in the Amazon category of Bedding Duvets & Down Comforters, with over 72,000 customer reviews.

Linenspa All- Season Reversible Alternative Hypoallergenic-Plush Fill-Machine Washable Quatrefoil Microfiber Comforter, Oversized King, Navy/Graphite

In fact, Linenspa has also been on my list of top recommended products for mattresses and mattress pads, and this comforter option from them is no different.

It can be used as both a comforter and a duvet insert, thanks to the beautiful reversible covers they added. So if you are a lazy person who hates removing duvet covers (who loves that job by the way? not me!) you can instead use it as a comforter as is, and still have your bedding look beautiful.

Plus it is machine washable and comes with a 3 year guarantee, like almost all Linenspa products, so you can’t go wrong.

Quick FAQ

Are down comforters good for allergies?

Allergies against feathers are extremely rare.

By all accounts, you are more likely to suffer from a dust mite allergy than a feather allergy.

And in fact, you are not so much allergic to dust mites, but are instead allergic to the dust created by their poop and their decomposing bodies.

In the past there has been an assumption that down and feathers from fowls like geese and ducks are more likely to trigger allergies in people than a down alternative synthetic version because it provides more of an environment for dust mites to thrive in, but recent studies suggest that is not necessarily true.

Allergy sufferers should instead look for options that has a tightly woven cover or barrier to prevent dust mites entering the fill in the first place.

What kind of comforter is good for allergies?

If you are looking for comforters that are hypoallergenic, then look out for products treated specifically to prevent dust mites living or thriving in the fill of the duvet insert.

Organic products are also advisable, as they contain less chemicals which can trigger your allergies, specifically look out for an OEKO-TEX certificate when you buy new bedding.

best down comforter for allergies

What is the best hypoallergenic comforter?

In my opinion, either the APSMILE 100% natural down comforter or the Linenspa down alternative comforter would make a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Personally I prefer down alternative comforters when it comes to my bedding.

Itchy Eyes? Runny Nose? This Is The Best Down Comforter For Allergies And It's 100% Natural