No More Frostbite – I Give You The Best Electric Blanket With Preheat

Is your bedding too cold when you go to bed at night? Do you feel you might get frostbite between the sheets? Get the best electric blanket with preheat so your bed can be warm and toasty before you get in.

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best electric blanket with preheat is, I recommend the Sunbeam Electric Blanket with Preheat. - Helping you sleep at night

I don’t know about you, but where I am it is freezing outside. 

It’s January, and the temperatures have been around 37 degrees Fahrenheit consistently for the past week.

I’m trying to walk more this year, but after about 30min my lips start to get so cold I can no longer talk. 

I think this is what it must feel like when you’ve just had lip fillers haha.

When I get back in the house, my lips start to tingle as they start to warm up again.

best electric blanket with preheat

I know other people in the USA and Canada have much colder temperatures, so I’m not complaining too much.

It’s nice and warm inside the house, and I like to keep my living room warm enough to wear a short sleeve t-shirt.

But I like my bedroom colder.

My boyfriend just gives off so much body heat that we’re both just always too hot.

So we often sleep with the window open to keep the room very cold during the night.

But during the winter getting into my bed is like getting into a freezer. It’s too cold.

I mean, the room is cold, the bed is cold, everything is cold, and it’s too much for me to handle. Those first few minutes make me feel that my body temperature is dropping like a brick and I’m at risk of hypothermia.

Plus it takes a while for our body heat to warm the bed up, so in the beginning we’re just both freezing.

It’s stupid.

Luckily, I have found an answer!

An electric blanket with preheat!

Sunbeam All Season King Premium Heated Mattress Pad with 2 Heating Digital Controllers

This means, I can heat up the bed BEFORE we even hit the mattress, then simply turn it off when we get in.


The room stays cold, but the bed is warm enough for us to not have to lie there shivering underneath the blankets like we’re skinny dipping in the arctic.

It’s nice and toasty and just the right level to stay warm without sweating.

Plus I get to save on heating up the bedroom which is great for my gas bill.

So if you too want to stay warm this winter without overheating in the middle of the night or feeling like you are sleeping in an oven, I have the answer!

Just keep reading.

best electric blanket with preheat

Our Editor’s Choice for the best electric blanket with preheat is…

Sunbeam Electric Blanket with Preheat - Helping you sleep at night

Sunbeam All Season King Premium Heated Mattress Pad with 2 Heating Digital Controllers


I love Sunbeam.

Sunbeam and Degrees of Comfort have some great products and both are considered trusted brands by thousands of customers.

I have rated Degrees of Comfort as the best heated mattress pad, the best electric blanket for cold feet, and the best multi-zone electric blanket.

If you’ve already clicked through to the product page above, you might notice the photos aren’t that great!


The photos might be awful.

But it’s a great product!

First off, this is a quilted heated blanket that goes directly onto your mattress underneath your sheets, so you lie on top of it. 

It’s a bit like a mattress topper or a heated mattress pad in that regard I guess.

Or maybe an electric mattress cover?

And like a mattress protector it has a skirt that fits over your mattress or mattress pad. 

The skirt will fit a mattress 21 inches deep.

Made from 200 thread count cotton instead of polyester, it has 2 heating zones, with 2 controllers.

This means that you and your partner can each control their own side of the bed, setting it as hot or as cool as you prefer it.

There are 10 different levels of heat, so you can set it to be anything from hot to medium to “just right”.

It has an auto-off feature after 10h so essentially, you can turn it on before bedtime, sleep for 8 hours, then get up, and it will turn itself off after a full 10h.  

One less thing for you to worry about.

If you are like my boyfriend who can’t even remember to lock the front door, then this is a useful feature.

Most Sunbeam products come with what they call their “exclusive warming system”.

It senses and adjusts heat to ensure a consistent warmth while you sleep.

It sounds fancy, but basically it delivers more heat to my feet, where it’s colder, and less heat to my torso, which is obviously going to be a warmer area, so quite nifty I think.

When you think about it, you really don’t want the heat to be the same across your whole body, so I’m glad they’ve thought about this.

If you are worried about feeling the wires, don’t be.

You can’t feel them, they’re too thin and soft.

Now let’s talk about the preheat function.

Preheat simply means it will warm up your freezing cold sheets before bedtime.

And it’s a lower setting than you would call a real “heat” setting for sleeping on.

Think of it like a hot water bottle you would put between the sheets before bedtime.

It warms up the sheets, but that’s it. It doesn’t stay hot all night.

This makes it perfect for those of us who like a cold bedroom, and get enough heat from, for example, a partner’s body.  

If I had to sleep on an electric blanket that is on all night long I would probably be cooked meat by sunrise.  I would get too hot.

But at the same time, the sheets are so cold first thing when I get into bed, that it takes a while before I start feeling warm in order to relax enough to fall asleep.

Being able to preheat the sheets is amazing.

However, you do still have to press a button, there is no timer that will do this for you. 

You can get a mattress pad with a timer, but you’ll have to pay a bit more for that.

For those concerned about hygiene you’ll be happy to hear it’s washable.

You can wash and dry it, just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for that.

And finally, it comes with a 5 year warranty! - Helping you sleep at night


best electric blanket with preheat

Looking For A Throw Blanket For The Sofa Instead? 

Sunbeam has you covered with this soft velvety heated blanket with 4 customizable heat zones (the top for your torso, the bottom for your feet, for 2 people), dual controllers, 25 heat settings, preheat and an auto-off feature.

It’s cozy, it’s luxurious, and perfect for snuggling on the couch while watching TV in the coldest of winters.

And using a heated blanket while awake will mean you don’t have to set your living room thermostat so high, thereby saving you lots of money on your heating bill.

Quick FAQ

What does Preheat mean on electric blanket?

Preheat means that you can use it to warm up your bed sheets before going to bed.

The preheat setting is usually not as hot as a normal heat setting you might choose to sleep on.

Think of it like a hot water bottle your grandma might have used when you were little. 

It warms the bed, but only enough for you to get into the bed. It doesn’t keep the bed warm all night long.

It does not necessarily mean that it is automatic or on a timer. 

You will usually have to pay extra for an electric blanket with a timer where you can set it to automatically turn on every evening at a certain time.

A normal preheat function still requires you to press the button yourself each evening.

Do electric blankets give off radiation?

Yes they do. 

All electric devices do.

They give off EMF.

EMF stands for Electromagnetic field and it’s a type of radiation.

While there’s not enough evidence that EMF causes cancer, it can’t hurt to be cautious and only buy low EMF electrical products.

So look out for the UL Mark certification on a product before buying it.

The UL Mark certifies that the product has been tested to be compliant with all standards or requirements like potential risk of fire, electric shock, mechanical hazards, and all necessary regulations.

How long should it take for an electric blanket to heat up?

In my experience, 20-30 min tends to be the time it takes for most electric blankets to heat up.

I should know, I’ve reviewed a great many electric heated blankets and mattress pads by now.

I suspect it’s determined by how long it takes for the thin wires to conduct enough electricity and create a certain amount of heat, but don’t quote me on that, I haven’t really researched it.