Winter Is Here – Stay Warm With The Best Heated Mattress Pad to Buy This Winter

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best heated mattress pad is, I recommend the Degrees of Comfort Dual Control Heated Mattress Pad.

A heated mattress pad on top of your bed can make those cold winter nights feel warm and cozy. 

Imagine it’s cold, rainy or snowy outside but you are all tucked away in your warm cozy bed, watching TV or reading a book.  And no cold feet anymore!

Having a warm bed can help with heating costs, and even with diseases like arthritis.

Keep reading as I review the best heated mattress pads available.

Looking for a new mattress?  Read my guide on what to consider when buying a new mattress or bed.

The Best Heated Mattress Pads Reviewed

Best Heated Mattress Pad

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Are Heated Mattress Pads Bad For You?


Heated mattress pads are very good for people with circulatory problems. Heat helps to dilate blood vessels, increase blood circulation and remove aches and pains.  In turn this helps to heal damaged muscles or inflamed muscles. 

People with fibromyalgia or arthritis have reported that a heated mattress pad helps to relax muscles which decreases the strain tight muscles put on joints.  This makes it easier to have a good night’s sleep.

However there are concerns from some corners of the scientific community about the health problems caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF).  But luckily most of the newer mattress pads come with certifications indicating low radiation ratings. 

My opinion is that if you really are worried about low-level magnetic fields, then getting rid of your cellphone or laptop should be the place to start.

Do Heated Mattress Pads Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Older models of electric mattress pads do use a lot of electricity. 

But modern versions are far more energy-efficient. Most modern electric mattress pads consume an average between sixty to ninety watts on the highest settings.

The larger the mattress pads will use more electricity than smaller ones. The size of the wires can also dictate how much electricity the mattress pad uses. The type of fabric can also dictate how well the mattress pad transmits heat and holds it.

Can I Wash My Heated Mattress Pad?

Older versions of mattress pads should not be washed. 

For newer electric mattress pads please read the instructions carefully to see if you can wash it, or how to wash it.

Remember that mattress pads have electrical wiring that runs throughout the mattress pad. Those can become damaged if not handled correctly.

Can You Leave A Heated Mattress Pad On All Night?

Heated mattress pads are designed to be used all night, or for hours at a time.  And millions of people all over the world do just that every winter.

Newer versions of heated pads have automatic shutdown timers anyway to prevent overheating.

But always make sure that you check the electrical connections and wiring regularly to ensure there’s no damaged or open wires that can cause a spark and therefore a fire.

For older models, I would be cautious, especially since I’m sure you no longer have the instructions to double check.

Do You Put Sheets Over A Heated Mattress Pad?

I would.

Since washing a mattress pad is problematic, or not possible in some cases, putting a sheet over it to keep it clean from body fluids or skin cells is a good idea. The sheet can be removed and washed as you see fit.

But make sure you don’t twist or bend any of the wiring in the process.

Here some great ideas for organic cotton sheets to cover it with.

UL Certifications

The UL Mark indicates that UL has tested representative samples of the product and found it to be compliant with all applicable standards and/or additional requirements, including the potential risk of fire, electric shock, mechanical hazards, and all necessary OSHA regulations. 

Best Heated Mattress Pad

The Best Heated Mattress Pad: Product Reviews

Hyde Lane Quilted Cotton Heated Mattress Pad

Sleeping on the Quilted Cotton Heated Mattress Pad like sleeping on a soft soothing cloud. 

Made from mostly cotton fibers, it is 100% UL SAFETY CERTIFIED.

You will notice the difference using the mattress pad as the heat dilates your blood vessels, which increases blood flow to sore and tired muscles. You can curl up in bed with the blanket on a cold winter night and have a warm bed in minutes. The mattress pad is safe to use and comes with a unique wired design that keeps the whole mattress pad warm with twenty heating settings to choose from.

The mattress pad comes with a skin shield to protect your body from burns. No power cords stick out from the mattress pad, only insulated circuits running through the pad with low EMF radiation ratings. The mattress pad has passed multiple safety certifications and has a one hundred percent UL safety rating.


  • Machine washable – dry on low heat.
  • Dual controls – one for each side of the bed
  • Dual controls also mean each side of the bed can be warmed independently, so you and your partner can each choose how hot or cold to make it
  • Preheat setting that heats up your blanket to your predetermined “perfect” heat setting.
  • Auto shut off means you can set it to turn itself off after a certain amount of minutes.
  • 5 year warranty
  • 20 heat settings


  • There have been some complaints that the mattress pad ships without instructions.

Editor’s Choice for the best heated mattress padDegrees of Comfort Dual Control Heated Mattress Pad

The Dual Control Heated Mattress Pad lets you and your partner find the right temperatures for each side of the bed. The mattress pad temperature balance lets you set the degree of comfort while protecting your skin for harmful amounts of electromagnetic radiation and providing your body with only comforting heat.

Each side of the bed has a controller for the heat so that each side can adjust your side specifically. You can help treat your body’s aches and pains through the gentile release of heat that is consistent and even. The mattress pad heats from the bottom of the mattress pad up for a smooth heat distribution that starts with your toes.

The therapeutic heat relief can help dilate your blood vessels, sending more blood to heal damaged and sore muscles. You will find pain from sore muscles and joints leaking away as well as pain from past injuries or current health conditions. The mattress pad is one hundred percent UL safety certified, so you know you will not receive burns


  • 12.5 foot power cord
  • 100% UL Safety Certified
  • Dual controls – one for each side of the bed
  • Dual controls also mean each side of the bed can be warmed independently, so you and your partner can each choose how hot or cold to make it
  • Preheat setting that heats up your blanket to your predetermined “perfect” heat setting.
  • Auto shut off means you can set it to turn itself off after a certain amount of minutes.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Machine washable
  • 5 heat settings
  • Amazon’s Choice under the category “queen heated mattress pad dual control”


  • There seems to be a problem with the auto shut off feature. Some people say they are unable to adjust it, others say they can.
  • It also isn’t clear if the auto shut off feature exists for this model, or only for the model with 20 heat settings.

SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress

The SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress is a polyester mattress pad that comes with a controller that lets you select ten different settings for heat. The design of the pad helps distribute warmth throughout the pad from your heat to the toes with wires running at least three inches apart. The voltage through the mattress is consistent.

The mattress is a two hundred thirty-three thread count mattress pad that is waterproof with an eighty percent polyester and twenty percent cotton blend. The technology works well as it runs through the mattress pad. The controls are backlit for nighttime use and are easy to adjust without disturbing your partner.

The mattress pad is safe to use even with moisture. The mattress doesn’t emit EMFs, and the mattress comes with certifications for safety. There is a single control for the mattress, and an automatic shutdown turns the mattress pad off after ten hours of use.


  • 10 heat settings
  • Waterproof 233 thread-count 80% polyester/20% cotton
  • Auto shut off after 10h
  • Machine washable – dry on low heat
  • Micro-thin wires for even heat distribution without the bulkiness.
  • Dual controls – one for each side of the bed
  • Dual controls also mean each side of the bed can be warmed independently, so you and your partner can each choose how hot or cold to make it
  • Controls have an easy to use knob to turn, instead of buttons to press
  • 5 year warranty


  • The mattress pad wiring can short out.
  • The cord is too short for some users.

Best Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

The Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad is a warm and soothing pad to sink into. The mattress pad has dual side controllers that give each side of the bed ten different settings for comfort and heat. The wiring runs through the mattress pad to help keep the mattress consistent throughout the pad.

The mattress pad can help you soothe sore and aching muscles. You can also enjoy plenty of warm nights during the winter. You can enjoy the non-woven fabric that is tight and extremely soft to the touch. There is no fill to get mushy or deteriorate over time.

Your new mattress pad will come with a ten-hour auto-shutoff to ensure your home stays safe. You can enjoy the mattress pad’s one hundred percent polyester manufacturing that has a padding that is eighteen inches thick. The pad is machine washable and dryer safe, so you can keep your mattress pad hygienic.


  • Auto shut off after 10h
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • 140 thread count
  • Quilted construction/ vertical channels
  • Fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Dual controllers to customize heat on both sides of the bed
  • 10 heat settings
  • You do not feel the inner coils while you sleep.
  • The mattress pad is a good choice for people who have health problems.
  • You can program the mattress pad to run throughout the night safely.


  • You cannot adjust the time of the auto shut off feature, only manually shut it off when you choose, or wait 10h.
  • The knob on the controller is not that easy to turn, and you need both hands to do so.

MaxKare Heated Mattress Pad Underblanket

The Heated Mattress Pad Underblanket is large and soft. The outer material is a soft coral velvet that has a fine-textured feeling. The pad is lint-free, so your skin will not react to causing any skin reactions. The mattress pad comes with a design that helps it fit your bed while providing an extra-plush feeling.

You can easily adjust the mattress’s electric blanket with the LED control that has two separate zones of heating with ten heating settings. You can set up to nine different timers for up to nine hours. You have two different sets of controls for each partner sleeping in the bed. You can combat the cold weather feeling throughout your bed.

Heated wires run throughout the mattress pad to keep you consistently warm across your bed. You will have consistent heat starting at your toes and going up throughout the mattress pad. The mattress pad is easy to clean when the topper gets dirty. You can spot clean that mattress pad or run it through your washing machine.

The mattress pad is safe for you to use on multiple beds. The pad comes with ETL certification for quality and safety. Overheat protection and short-circuit protection ensures you will be safe while you sleep.


  • Dual controllers, both with LED, to control 2 separate zones
  • 10 heating settings
  • 9 timer settings (1-9h)
  • Machine washable
  • Made from a soft fleece like fabric
  • Amazon’s Choice under the category “mattress heating pad queen”
  • You can set a timer to keep you warm in the dark.
  • The fabric of the mattress pad has dual temperature controllers.
  • The mattress pad is very soft to touch and sleep on.


  • Lots of complaints that either the heating or the controllers stopped working within a few weeks.
  • Poor placement of the plugins for the controllers, making it hard to avoid while sleeping.

Editor’s Choice

My recommendation for the best mattress pad is the Degrees of Comfort Dual Control Heated Mattress Pad.

I have also rated Degrees of Comfort as the best electric blanket for cold feet, and the best multi-zone electric blanket.

It comes with a 100% UL Safety Certification, so you can rest easy without worry about harmful EMF radiation.

It has an extra long 12.5 foot power cord, and the dual controls mean each side of the bed can be warmed independently, so you and your partner can each choose how hot or cold you want your side to be.

While it only has 5 heat settings, it has a preheat setting so you can heat up your bed to your predetermined “perfect” heat setting.  And the auto shut off means you can set it to turn itself off after a certain amount of minutes, useful if you don’t want to sleep the whole night on the heated pad, or if you find you get too hot in the middle of the night.

The 5 year warranty and the fact it is machine washable are just 2 more cherries on the cake.

Still cold?  Then it’s time to invest in a quality wool blanket.

For more tips on having a good night’s sleep, please take a look at my guide to sleeping better.

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