The Best Latex Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers Reviewed

Looking for a natural or organic mattress topper not made from memory foam, then try a latex mattress topper. We review the best latex mattress topper for side sleepers.

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best latex mattress topper for side sleepers is, I recommend the ViscoSoft Pillow Top 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Topper – Made in the USA.

Mattress toppers are great.

They allow you to upgrade your bed without spending a fortune on a new mattress. By using a mattress topper, you can either soften a too hard mattress, or firm up a too soft mattress.

Mattress toppers also provide relief to pressure points like hips and shoulders, places you put a lot of pressure on when sleeping on your side.

If you are not careful, your spine will not be aligned straight, and you can easily wake up with a sore back or neck.

ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper Queen - Serene 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Pad + Premium Quilted Cover

While mattress pads are mostly made from memory foam, or just normal foam, latex toppers are gaining in popularity as they can be organic and natural (although you do get a synthetic latex as well), and they are not as hot as memory foam, which has a tendency to absorb body heat (which is why it’s blended with lots of cooling technologies so sleepers don’t get too hot).

Here are 2 mattress toppers made from latex, that are perfect for side sleepers.

Our Editor’s Choice for the best latex mattress topper for side sleepers is…

ViscoSoft Pillow Top 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Topper – Made in USA - Helping you sleep at night

ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper Queen - Serene 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Pad + Premium Quilted Cover

ViscoSoft Pillow top mattress topper features among the best latex mattress toppers on the market. It is hypoallergenic, US-made, and CertiPUR-US certified to be free of harmful products.

Besides people who sleep on their side, back and stomach sleepers who experience back pain can also have pressure point relief with this latex topper.

The 3 inches topper comes in two layers that are specially designed for cloud-like comfort and pressure relief.

The bottom layer is made of 2 inches of 80% natural and 20% synthetic latex foam. 

Just like memory foam, latex responds to your body shape, enabling the topper to be easy on pressure points and prevent back, neck, and hip pain

Although a typical latex mattress topper sleeps cool, gel infusion kicks the cooling effect a few notches higher.

Further, the latex layer also features a ventilated design in order to evenly distributed body heat. 

ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper Queen - Serene 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Pad + Premium Quilted Cover

The top layer is 1 inch of a luxurious quilted down-alternative-filled machine washable cover that gives pillowy support and keeps you from sinking into the latex topper. 

The casing is made of 300 thread count organic cotton that is breathable, smooth, and perfectly soft.

Elastic straps on the inside of the cover keep it secured to the latex part of the topper. Further, the cotton cover extends into an elastic skirt deep enough to fit mattresses up to 16 inches thick.

Just in case you are not satisfied with your latex topper, the manufacturers offer a 60-day hassle-free money-back guarantee. The topper is also backed by a 3-year warranty.

It is available in California king, king, queen, full, twin XL, and twin sizes.

ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper Queen - Serene 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Pad + Premium Quilted Cover


Eco Terra 100% Natural Single-Origin Talalay Latex Mattress Topper - Helping you sleep at night

best mattress topper

Hand-crafted in the USA, Eco Terra 100% natural latex mattress topper features single source Talalay latex. It is crafted to offer maximum support and pressure relief for all sleep positions and especially for side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

The Talalay latex topper is made into firm, medium, or soft topper densities that comes in 2 or 3- inch thicknesses.

This eco-friendly latex topper boasts several certifications including Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Eco-Institut certifications. Further, it comes with a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover.

You can get this mattress topper in California king, king, queen, full, twin XL, and twin sizes. It comes with a 5- year warranty and free shipping with the US.

best mattress topper



ViscoSoft Pillow Top Topper is the best latex mattress topper for people who sleep on the side! 

It features a combination of a down-alternative-filled organic cotton cover and responsive gel latex foam for maximum support and pressure point relief.

The cover is machine washable, stretchy, and elasticized to fit mattresses up 16 inches thick.

The topper is hypoallergenic, CertiPUR-US certified, and backed by a 60-day money back guarantee and a 3-year warranty against defects.

ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper Queen - Serene 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Pad + Premium Quilted Cover

Finally, it is available in various sizes.

Quick FAQ

Are latex mattress toppers good for side sleepers?

Latex mattress toppers are considered some of the best toppers for all kinds of sleepers. Latex is naturally elastic and so it stretches to conform to your body shape to relieve pressure while pushing back at the same time to offer outstanding support.

 The biggest challenge for back sleepers is pressure accumulation at the hips and shoulders.

The pressure points result from a sleeping surface that is too firm, leading to aches and pains. On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft causes your hips and shoulders to sink too deep, misaligning the spine in the process and leading to back pain.

Latex mattress toppers address this by balancing conformity with a bit of bouncy support.

Do you know what else works great for side sleepers? A pillow between the knees. Check out my review of the best pillow for between the knees when sleeping.

How thick should a latex mattress topper be?

Typically, latex mattress toppers range from 1-4 inches in thickness. The thickness of the topper determines the feel of the sleeping surface.

The thinner it is, the less it changes the feel of your mattresses and vice versa. 

Latex is known for its ability to give a superb combination of comfort and support, albeit in varying degrees.

To slightly change the surface of your mattress by either firming it or softening it, a 1-inch latex mattress topper can do the trick.

A 1-inch topper is also easier to carry around when you want to bring along your comfort when traveling.

For a transformation that is significantly independent of the underlying surface, you can use a 2-3-inch latex mattress topper.

This topper can provide adequate cushioning and support for average to heavyweight sleepers.

Sometimes, you need a mattress overhaul without necessarily buying a new mattress. This is where a 3-4 inches latex topper features.

Is latex or memory foam better for side sleepers?

Both latex and memory foam mattress toppers can be great depending on your sleep needs and the features of the particular topper. They both offer sufficient cushioning and support for pressure relief.

Latex mattress toppers are made from natural latex, synthetic latex, or blended latex. 

Natural latex is made from the sap of rubber trees while synthetic latex is made from petrochemicals. The latter costs less to produce and is, therefore, less expensive than natural latex.

Latex toppers are bouncy, durable, organic (if made from 100% natural latex), and naturally cooling. They support your body with a springy feel that keeps you on top of the mattress.

However, latex toppers are also heavier, they come with an initial rubbery smell, and are not as efficient as memory foam toppers in absorbing motion transfer.

Memory foam toppers are made of polyurethane foam mixed with other chemicals to enhance viscosity and density.

They conform to body shape and respond to body heat for a cushioning and supportive effect.

Memory foam can retain body heat to cause overheating but it is often infused with cooling gel and made in breathable designs to enhance its temperature regulating properties.