I Have Found The Best Lightweight Blanket For Winter, And It’s Not Microfleece Or Flannel

I have found the best lightweight blanket for winter that is soft, luxurious, smooth and velvety, and makes you feel like you are stroking a cat. But without the allergies and hair shedding!

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best lightweight blanket for winter is, I recommend the Original Vellux Blanket.

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best lightweight blanket for winter

So you are going camping and you are looking for a little winter blanket that’s not heavy and will help you stay warm.

Or hiking.

Perhaps you just need a lightweight blanket to take on a plane with you.

Or maybe, you are one of those people who don’t like heavy blankets or just prefer a light lap blanket over you legs when on the sofa or at your desk.

Who knows! 

There are many reasons you might want a lightweight throw blanket and I’m not one to judge.

And while there are many choices for winter blankets and throws all clamouring for your attention, I have found you the perfect solution.

A knit throw or wool blanket both make great blankets for winter, but are quite heavy and not exactly easy-care, although a great choice for someone looking for weighted blankets.

And a cotton blanket or throw is more appropriate for summer months, so not really meant for year round.

Cashmere blankets are extremely soft, light and provide a lot of warmth on those long winter nights, they are probably the warmest blankets short of buying a heated blanket. But the price point on them make them unaffordable for most. And it’s not like you can throw them in the washing machine. Cashmere requires a lot of tender love and care and more than likely will require dry cleaning.

State Cashmere 100% Pure Cashmere Throw Blanket with Fringes Ultimately Soft and Warm (Burgundy, One Size)

While a fleece blanket, or a faux fur throw, or even microfleece blankets might seem like the obvious choice, I’ve found an even better option for a winter blanket that is also lightweight to keep you warm in those cold winter months.

I give you…

Drum roll…

The Vellux Blanket!

It’s the perfect combination of lightweight and warmth, which makes this a great choice to keep you warm on those cold nights and winter weather.

And it won’t pill!

Oh, and it’s machine washable!

Let me lay it out for you.

Our Editor’s Choice for the best lightweight blanket for winter is…

The Original Vellux Blanket

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The Original Vellux Blanket - Full/Queen, Soft, Warm, Insulated, Pet-Friendly, Home Bed & Sofa - Wedgewood Blue

The original vellux blanket is made by…you guessed it, the Vellux company.

With 3 sizes (twin size, full/queen size and king size), plus 16 different colour choices, you can’t go wrong with this blanket.

It’s a super soft, plush and velvety throw blanket that is reversible and luxurious

On both sides of the blanket.

It feels a bit like you are stroking a cat, one of those cats with the long smooth soft hair, except you don’t end up covered in cat hairs haha.

Because of the way the vellux blanket is made, it’s very light weight, but the polyurethane layer provides good insulation so your body heat is trapped underneath the blanket very effectively, making it great for winter.

The Original Vellux Blanket - Full/Queen, Soft, Warm, Insulated, Pet-Friendly, Home Bed & Sofa - Wedgewood Blue

It’s washable, so you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning, and even better than that, you can wash it as often as you like without having to worry about pilling or shrinking.

And you should wash it at least once every 6 months as recommended by the manufacturer.

You can even tumble dry it on a low heat in the dryer.

In fact, I would say wash and dry it first thing when it arrives so you remove any “plastic” like smells, and it will also remove any loose lint.

By washing and drying it immediately, it will also become softer sooner, so you can really snuggle up on the sofa in your cocoon of ultra-soft velvety smoothness.

I think this is the perfect blanket not only for your bed but also for the couch in front of the TV.

One customer even said she put it on the back seat of her SUV to protect her seats from her dogs.

The color options plus the softness of the blanket, and the fact that it is so light, makes this a great throw blanket for warmth, much more so than those fleece blankets that are so popular for use while cuddling on the sofa.

The Original Vellux Blanket - Full/Queen, Soft, Warm, Insulated, Pet-Friendly, Home Bed & Sofa - Wedgewood Blue

The feel of the blanket is not dissimilar to a microfiber or fleece blanket, but it is far smoother and satin like than any of those throw blankets.


So there you have it.

A vellux blanket is a perfect silky soft throw blanket that you can use to curl-up on the couch, use on your bed, use as a comfort blanket while sitting at your desk to throw over your cold legs or feet, or to pack with you when going camping for travelling.

It’s easy to keep clean, will last a long time, won’t pill, comes in 16 different colours to please even the most fussy home decorator, and it’s the softest yet warming blanket you can get.

In my opinion, that makes this the best lightweight blanket for winter!

I’ve read some customer reviews on Amazon that says they’ve had one for over 10 years before having to replace it, so it’s clearly a well made blanket.

BedtimeSpecialist.com - Helping you sleep at night

The Original Vellux Blanket - Full/Queen, Soft, Warm, Insulated, Pet-Friendly, Home Bed & Sofa - Wedgewood Blue

What more can you ask for!

But if this doesn’t rock your boat, check out this review for a more substantial blanket or even some electric blankets.

Quick FAQ

What is a Vellux Blanket?

A vellux blanket is manufactured using a polyurethane foam that is layered or covered with very thin strips of adhesive, which in turn has millions of tiny nylon fibres attached to it.

They then pass the blanket through an electrostatic field which makes the fibres stand up and also burrow deeper into the blanket layer.

The fibres are incredibly small and thin, which is why the outer layers of a vellux blanket are so smooth, velvety and soft.

The polyurethane foam layer is very light, but very insulating, creating a very light blanket that is smooth, soft, pliable yet traps heat very effectively ensuring it’s a great option in winter, yet still very lightweight.

A vellux blanket will also last a long time, and can be machine washed over and over without shrinking or pilling like you might find in other acrylic blankets.

This, plus the price point, which is very affordable, make this a great blanket throw in all sizes for the bed, the couch, the car, sitting at your desk, or taking with you wherever you go.

best lightweight blanket for winter

Are Vellux Blankets Toxic?

It’s a bit of a mixed answer I’m afraid.

The straight answer is that most polyester and acrylic products give off plastic vapors, called off-gassing or out gassing.

Having said that, neither is very high on the list of toxic gasses and you’re probably more at risk from the synthetic materials used in your carpets, chairs or couch off gassing than a small blanket or throw in your bedroom.

But I personally wouldn’t use it for a baby, even though it is a very soft blanket.