Side Sleepers Rejoice! This Is The Best Pillow For Between Knees When Sleeping

I have found the best pillow for between the knees when sleeping that is easy to use, comfortable, and therapeutic. It feels like a soft fluffy hug from between your knees down to your feet.

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best pillow for between knees when sleeping is, I recommend the Back Support Systems Knee-T Memory Foam Leg Pillow.

best pillow for between knees when sleeping

If you don’t know it yet, I like sleeping a lot.

Yet, my usual 8 or more hours of sleep haven’t always yielded the best results.

I mean, there are times I wake up happy and well-rested and times when I feel crappy and cranky.

Allergies and the occasional aches top the list of my night woes.

I’m not one to give up though; I pay the cost for an express ticket to a rewarding shuteye.

This requires lots of research.

After all, sleeping well is more than just hitting the sheets and sailing to dreamland.

Good posture is important for a good night’s sleep! So I have found out.

Sounds like lots of work, right? Good posture when sitting and standing?

Maybe. Sleeping is a whole different story.

Good news! A good sleeping posture is possible.

According to Healthline, using support pillows at strategic points of your body helps to keep your spine in a neutral posture and alleviates pain and discomfort.

Now, if you sleep on your side, one of my two favorite sleeping positions, all you need to do is place a comfort pillow between your knees, and voila!

And it’s not just side sleepers that benefit from knee pillows, pregnant women will also find it provides a lot of relief for their lower back.

Don’t forget, that even if you are a back sleeper, at some point in the night you will end up on your side, as we all move during our sleep in and out of different sleeping positions.

I already said I do lots of research and so from my findings…

Here comes the Knee-T Leg Pillow…

This is not just any type of body pillow…

It’s an orthopedic knee pillow that is the perfect mix of pain relief, comfort, and satisfaction.

Here we go…

Our Editor’s Choice for the best pillow for between knees when sleeping is…

Back Support Systems Knee-T Memory Foam Leg Pillow

For over 10 years, Knee-T Memory Foam Pillow by Back Support Systems has provided comfort, pain relief, and satisfaction for side sleepers – It’s endorsed by doctors so it’s got to be good.

The manufacturers are confident enough in the side sleeper pillow to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee- no questions asked. Plus 10 years warranty!

Knee-T Leg Pillow is ergonomic- a fancy way of saying that you can use it with ease and comfort- to keep your legs, hip, and spine aligned.

This reduces the pressure on your spine, which otherwise causes pain. For this reason, it’s prescribed for people with arthritis, sciatica, and herniated disc.

And for people who just want to roll on their side for some good night’s sleep.

I love the fact the pillow is made of medical-quality and Certi-Pur Certified Foam. No worrying about toxic chemicals and allergens- I have allergies remember? 

Even better, it comes with a removable and machine washable cover with a zipper on the side, made of either hypoallergenic cotton blend or bamboo. I like using a pillow cover.

Still, I’m totally in love with bamboo. It’s a great choice for dust mite allergies, not to mention the heavenly, soft feel against my skin.

Back to Knee-T leg support pillow, it caters to the needs of all people. I’m not just talking about size here:

There’s a Standard Size for you if you are 5’8’’ and below and XL if you are taller. You can go for a firmer feel with the High-Density Foam Knee-T. 

If you have wider hips or weigh 175+lbs, go for extra support and resilience with Knee-T pro.

Trying and testing what I put in my bend is kind of my specialty – I have used pillows that lump up or flatten out within a few months of use, making them pointless for the correct spinal alignment, which can lead to lower back pain and even hip pain.

Memory foam pillows, however, easily bounce back to their normal shape after use, making it a durable option.

The foam pillow also stays in place even when you are turning and tossing in your sleep, thanks to the two straps. 

Better yet, it doesn’t ever get uncomfortable. See, the thing with memory foam is that it contours to the shape of your body, fitting perfectly between your knees. 

Making you feel like your legs are hugged by a fluffy cloud. And with the length of this great pillow, the benefit extends all the way to the feet.  

best pillow for between knees when sleeping


There you go!

A Knee-T Leg Pillow is a contour orthopedic knee pillow for between the knees that you can use to alleviate back, leg, and sciatica pain when sleeping or to just find a cozy position to sleep.

It is ergonomic, comes with sizes and preferences for all, durable, and cushions your legs from the knees to the feet.

I have tried several leg rests but if you ask me, this is the best pillow for between the knees when sleeping!

You definitely need more than just a leg pillow for your beauty sleep, so I might just as well indulge you in the best organic pillows for healthier sleep and the best eco-friendly pillows for neck pain.

Quick FAQ

Why do I sleep with a pillow in between my legs?

An orthopedic knee pillow keeps your knees on top of each other hence preventing pressure on your hips and spine when you sleep on your side.  

According to Mayo Clinic, use a knee pillow to keep you comfortable in your sleep and relieve pain if you suffer from knee, back, or sciatica pain.

 Also, you can find a cozy position to sleep with a leg pillow if you experience restless leg syndrome or are pregnant.

best pillow for between knees when sleeping

How thick should a knee pillow be?

A knee pillow should range from 4-6 inches in thickness. Generally, how much you weigh can help you determine the thickness that works for you.

A thinner leg pillow works great for lighter people. Heavier people require a thicker pillow for adequate support. 

Also, experiment with a half moon pillow.

Some people prefer full body pillows as it provide more comfort than a small knee pillow.

Stick with memory foam pillows as they are less likely to flatten over time which will defeat the purpose you bought it for in the first place. Knee pillows are designed to keep your spine as straight and comfortable as possible, so when a knee pillow starts to flatten too much, you lose the benefit you bought it for in the first place.

Side Sleepers Rejoice! This Is The Best Pillow For Between Knees When Sleeping

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