This Is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain While Sleeping – No Matter Your Sleeping Position

I have found the best pillow for neck pain while sleeping that is designed to support your spine and neck when sleeping on your back or side.

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best pillow for neck pain while sleeping is, I recommend the ZAMULO Orthopedic Memory Foam Cervical Contour Pillow.

This Is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain While Sleeping - No Matter Your Sleeping Position
This Is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain While Sleeping – No Matter Your Sleeping Position

So your neck pains in the morning when you wake up.

Or in the middle of the night.

If you are lucky it goes away at some point during the day, but often it doesn’t.

If it gets worse or better when you are sleeping on another pillow, like visiting family or staying in a hotel, then it might be due to your pillow.

There is a natural curve to our spines, and a pillow that is too high or too low will disrupt that curve, causing pain in your back or your neck.

Personally I find that when I’m in a hotel and the pillows are too lofty and big, then I often wake up with a neck ache.  

I like to sleep on my back and on my side.

If the pillow size is out of proportion to my shoulder size, then my head will be at an unnatural angle when I’m lying on my side.

Same for when I’m lying on my back, it will lift my head too much, this in turn puts my neck muscles into a strange twisted position, causing pain.

So I always look for the flattest pillow to sleep on. 

But, if you often suffer from neck pain, then I suggest you get an ergonomic pillow.

They are designed to keep your spine as straight as possible, while also supporting the natural curve of your spine.

Of course, no-one ever sleeps in just one position, we toss and turn a lot during the night.

So you need a pillow that can really accommodate all sleeping positions.

Fear not dear reader, I have found you the perfect pillow!

I give you…

Drum roll…

This Is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain While Sleeping - No Matter Your Sleeping Position

Our Editor’s Choice for the best pillow for neck pain while sleeping is…

ZAMULO Orthopedic Memory Foam Cervical 4D Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain, for Side Sleepers Back Sleepers

The Zamulo (wow that’s a mouthful isn’t it?) cervical pillow ticks all the boxes, way more boxes than the usual cervical pillow.


They’ve made a cervical pillow that can accommodate side and back sleepers. 

Honestly, my biggest gripe about standard cervical pillows is that they are great for back sleepers, but lying on your side is just not very comfortable.

What’s more, the unique shape gives a space for your arms to go!

I mean, pillow manufacturers don’t usually think about arms.

I can say that with confidence because I have reviewed a lot of pillows for this site.

Here’s how it works.

It has a unique heart shape design that supports your neck muscles whether you are lying on your side or your back.

The “heart shape” provides the lumbar and cervical support.

The way that it is shaped, also makes it a great choice for anyone with sleep apnea, as it will position your neck so that your airways remain open while you sleep.

While the sides have a “balcony” (I really couldn’t think of a better word there) for your arm, when you are lying on your side.

I know my arm tends to flop around a lot when I’m on my side. 

I never know what to do with it?  I mean, in movies people are always cuddling so perfectly, but when I try, my arm gets in the way?  How do they do it? Do they go to special movie cuddling school where they teach you how to hide your arm?  Or have all actors/actresses secretly had their arms amputated for cuddle scenes, then walk around with a cyborg arm when at home?

Anyway, I digress.  But seriously, these are the things I wonder about.

The pillow is made from memory foam. Yes memory foam…that stuff that Nasa invented.

And they injected the memory foam with charcoal to help remove impurities from the air as you breathe while sleeping.

It also helps with odour control.

Considering how much of our skin and bodily fluids and oil makes it into our pillows, this can only be a good thing.

The outer pillow case is made from bamboo fabric, rayon, which is soft and has a cooling effect. 

Bamboo is also hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, has antimicrobial properties, and is a very sustainable crop to grow. Far more so than cotton, which requires litres and litres of water, and if not produced organically, then it has some very toxic by-products during the raw material to fabric phase.

The pillow case can also be removed and chucked into the washing machine.

Personally I prefer to put another pillow case over it, as it matches the rest of my bedding better.


Anyway, I could go on but I think you should check it out for yourself.

Because if you know anything about cervical pillows, you’ll see why this one is different.

Most cervical pillows look like a dinosaur stepped on it, like right in the middle, squashing it in a weird way. Like maybe an alien dinosaur with strange shaped feet?

But they don’t look appealing, and no matter how hard I try, I can never get comfortable on my side. 

They really do work for back sleepers, but no-one sleeps in one position all night long.

Either way, an orthopedic pillow is definitely a great choice for anyone with neck pain while sleeping.

I think it’s really important to deal with neck or back pain as quickly as possible. 

Anything that affects your spine will eventually affect other parts of your body. 

If you don’t believe me, then you need to read this article about the many spine surgeries Tiger Woods had to have, all of which started with pain in his knees!

So do not delay, get yourself a proper pillow and deal with your pain as soon as possible before it becomes so bad you have to medicate and eventually have to have surgery.

And chat to your doctor, some medical funds will pay for an orthopedic pillow if prescribed by your doctor, so check it out.

Of course, if you prefer, you can go for a more well known brand like Tempur-Pedic. although I personally haven’t tried it, their ergonomic neck pillow is generally well reviewed by everyone who uses it.

For anyone with shoulder pain, I recently reviewed a number of pillows for those who like to sleep on their side but are now experiencing shoulder pain as a result.

But if you are looking for something organic, and eco-friendly, check out this pillow.

Quick FAQ

Should I see a doctor?

Yes, always check with a doctor as soon as you can.

Neck pain can eventually lead to pain in other parts of your body.

As you automatically adjust your body posture and daily actions to avoid pain, you are unwittingly putting strain on other parts of your body and your spine.

Doctors can also check for inflammation, and prescribe medicine to reduce that.

Should I sleep with a pillow with neck pain?

According to the Edison Spine Centre, the best sleeping positions for your neck is lying on your side or your back.

And to keep your spine as neutral as possible, which is best achieved with the right pillow.

Is it better for your neck to sleep without a pillow?

Only if you are a stomach sleeper, to avoid having your spine curve the wrong way.

But for side and back sleepers, the right pillow will provide support for your spine, keeping it in a neutral position.

Pillows serve to keep your body in alignment while sleeping, and is designed to relieve pressure and counterbalance pressure points in your body.

How high should your neck be when sleeping?

According to Spine Health, a pillow should generally maintain a height of 4-6 inches to support the head and neck when lying on your back.

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