Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About The Best Rated Goose Down Comforter

Warm, fluffy, and highly rated by thousands of customers. I give you the best rated goose down comforter you can buy right now!

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best rated goose down comforter is, I recommend the Luxurious Siberian Goose Down Comforter.

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best rated goose down comforter

I fuss over what I put on my bed.

This is because I don’t allow anything to come between me and a good night’s sleep.

And although I like my bedroom colder, I rarely sleep without covering myself.

That’s why I invest in bedding that lasts me through all year-round. I stumbled upon this article on HuffPost and I got some insight.

As it turns out, needing some sort of cover while we sleep is how we are wired. Interesting?

Just before you fall asleep, your body temperature drops a little, which prompts your brain to start the sleeping process. 

Subconsciously, you respond by pulling a cover over yourself which ‘tells’ your brain ‘we’re good to go’.

While covering yourself is not a guarantee that you will sleep well, especially when it is sweltering, most of us need the ritual in order to sleep or at least begin the journey before kicking away everything.

Now, back to the moment when you need to snuggle in the warmth of your bed. 

And you’ve got a world of goose down duvets or comforters to choose from, not to mention a down alternative comforter. What do you do?

Lucky you! I did the leg work for you…and found just the comforter / duvet insert you need.

And it is best-rated by over 4000 happy customers…

Our Editor’s Choice for the best rated goose down comforter is…

Luxurious Siberian Goose Down Comforter

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Luxurious King/California King Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter, 1200 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton, 50 oz Fill Weight, 1200TC, White Solid

The Siberian Goose Down Comforter by the company Egyptian Bedding is the definition of luxurious, fluffy, warm, soft, and breathable!

It comes with a 100% Egyptian cotton fabric cover that has an astonishing 1200 thread count.

Apparently, Egyptian cotton is handpicked to produce long, straight, and intact fibres, making it stand out all over the world.

This white goose down comforter, therefore, possesses a luxurious look and a soft, breathable, skin-friendly finish.

That means you can use it as a traditional duvet insert for your duvet cover, or simply use it as a comforter as is.

Obviously, it’s easier to machine wash your duvet cover at home than the duvet insert, so I would advise on a cover, preferably an Egyptian cotton cover with a thread count close to the cotton shell of this comforter so you can maintain that feeling of luxury and comfort.

It is the white goose down feather filling that does the magic though; it has the ability to provide maximum warmth with minimal weight.

This makes it a great choice for cool sleepers and the coldest winters.

Made with a baffle box construction, it is lightweight and breathable enough not to weigh you down with extra weight and heat if you are a hot sleeper.

The goose down comforter has a 750+ fill power and a fill weight of 50 oz. If you do not notice the fluff at first, give it a few hours to fluff up after opening.

According to CBS News, cruelty is sometimes involved in the sourcing of down.

Fortunately, the Siberian Goose Down Comforter is certified by Responsible Down Standard (RDS), meaning that no geese had to suffer for you to sleep better.

It is also certified as OEKO-Tex Standard 100 and BSCI, to ensure high product quality, safety and ethical sourcing of down.

Luxurious King/California King Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter, 1200 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton, 50 oz Fill Weight, 1200TC, White Solid

Further, the down is healthy, clean, hypo-allergenic, and odorless. The ‘new’ smell disappears after airing the down-filled comforter for a few hours.

I could list my worst bedding disappointments all day… weird uneven lumps, empty cold spots, and leaking filling- these are particular to bedding that comes with stuffing.

Fortunately, the baffle box design in this comforter keeps the down feathers evenly distributed. 

Also, a strong double needle stitch all-round the edges keeps the down from leaking while giving the reversible comforter a decorative touch.

The Siberian Goose Down Comforter measures 106 x 90 inches and comes with eight corner loops and tabs to anchor it to a duvet cover.

Egyptian Bedding promises a ‘heaven on earth’ experience, excellent customer care, and full warranty with their best rated goose down comforter. 

Even better, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

When I love something, I spread the love! 

This duvet is definitely one of the pieces I would love to gift a loved one. 

Thankfully, the gorgeous zippered bag is just perfect for shipping to family and friends.

From the experience of someone who spends a third or more of her day actively testing sleeping paraphernalia, I have discovered that over-washing my bedding comforter lowers the quality of the fluff.

My advice? 

Use a duvet cover to keep it cleaner for longer and to keep it dust mite free, wash every few months, and spot clean stains where possible. 

Having said that, the manufacturer says you can machine wash this product, and with that I mean the duvet insert and not just the duvet cover so it really ticks all the boxes for a hypoallergenic comforter.

Do you already love the white goose down comforter?

Combine it with the best sheets for winter, and you can sleep better even on the coldest of winter nights. 

Luxurious King/California King Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter, 1200 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton, 50 oz Fill Weight, 1200TC, White Solid


There you go! I still don’t think your bed can get snugglier.

This Siberian Goose Down Comforter is the best rated goose down comforter!

Voted for by over 4000 reviewers, the white down comforter is fluffy, warm, soft, lightweight, breathable, and luxurious.

You can also have it in queen-size and twin size. 

Quick FAQ

How do I choose a goose down comforter?

The choice of the best goose down comforter boils down to the percentage of down, fill power, fill weight and construction.

A higher percentage of goose down in your comforter translates to higher quality.

Fill power determines the insulating power of the down- the higher the fill power, the better the quality and heat insulation.

Construction involves any other stitching beside the borders of the comforter. Without this, the down may lump up unevenly in the comforter.

The Baffle Box and Karo Step designs involve stitching that connects the top and bottom layers of the comforter, hence keeping the down in place and enhancing strength and fluffiness. 

Having a nice cotton shell with a high thread count is also a good idea and helps to take your bed linen to the next level.

Also remember, comforters are usually a blend of the soft fluffy goose down feathers, and the more stiff goose feathers, and often, a manufacturer will pad out the duvet with a down alternative fill for some extra fluff while keeping costs down.

Personally I also look out for a RDS certificate, as it means the geese or fowl were not hurt by plucking their feathers from live animals.

Which is better, duck or goose down?

This depends…both goose and duck down and feathers are great fillings. 

Goose down, however, has larger down clusters, hence higher fill power. It is, therefore, superior in quality, warmer, and more expensive compared to duck down.

Duck down, on the other hand, is more readily available (duck populations are higher than geese populations), less expensive, and excellent for warmer climates.

Luxurious King/California King Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter, 1200 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton, 50 oz Fill Weight, 1200TC, White Solid

What is the best fill power for a down comforter?

Fill power from 500-700 is considered good to excellent.

700+ is the best quality- it is the fluffiest and provides the best warmth for cold weather.

Also, it is the priciest.

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About The Best Rated Goose Down Comforter