The Best Rated Silk Comforter That Is Perfect For All Seasons

Want luxury and comfort? Do you want a comforter for all seasons? This is the best rated silk comforter and it’s perfect for all seasons.

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best rated silk comforter is, I recommend LilySilk All-Season White 100% Silk Comforter. - Helping you sleep at night

Do you want to sleep wrapped in comfort and luxury? Silk bedding is the way to go.

Silk looks and feels divine, thanks to its luster, strength, and durability.

That’s not all, the fiber is laden with the best properties that natural fabrics can offer.

So, when you use silk bedding, you are not only treating yourself to a high-end sleeping experience but also making an investment that will last you for a long time!

Before the shimmery and luxurious material makes way into your bed though, there’s a long process that involves the rearing of silkworms and extraction of threads from numerous cocoons.

Then several other steps include dyeing, spinning, weaving, and printing, before finishing into silk fabric.

This is the reason why you will be required to part with an arm and a leg to pay for silk bedding!

LilySilk All Season White Silk Comforter with Cotton Covered-Silk Weight:2.0kg 100% Silk Duvet Quilt King 104x92 Inches Breathable

Nevertheless, I will not even start on what the combination of a set of silk sheets and a silk comforter has to offer. But I will tell you that I have tried it and the experience is totally worth every buck! 

Check out my review of the best silk sheets.

Back to the best silk comforter in the market.

It is exquisite, luxurious, and the very epitome of comfort…

I will just lay it out for you…

Our Editor’s Choice for the best rated silk comforter is…

LilySilk all-season comforter - Helping you sleep at night

LilySilk All Season White Silk Comforter with Cotton Covered-Silk Weight:2.0kg 100% Silk Duvet Quilt King 104x92 Inches Breathable


As the name suggests, this silk comforter is a product of LilySilk, the manufacturers of high-quality mulberry silk products.

LilySilk all-season silk comforter is filled with 100 percent premium long strand mulberry silk floss which can adjust to changes in temperature. 

It is breathable enough to keep you cool in hot summer and fluffy enough to keep you warm in winter, making it the best silk comforter to use all year around.

The silk duvet is also lightweight to provide maximum comfort without unnecessary bulk. 

Freshly sourced long-strand mulberry silk filling resists breakage which enhances the durability of the silk comforter.

LilySilk All Season White Silk Comforter with Cotton Covered-Silk Weight:2.0kg 100% Silk Duvet Quilt King 104x92 Inches Breathable

Apparently, it does not need box stitching to keep it in place; instead, it is spot stitched to preserve the silk structure.

Layers and layers of silk filling are stacked on top of each other and when the right weight is achieved, they are enclosed in a 100 percent cotton shell and secured on the sides. The filling, therefore, stays in place without clumping or shifting around. 

Still on the filling, there are no added chemicals, making the comforter skin-friendly, odorless, and hypoallergenic. Then, the product is OEKO-TEX Certified.

If you want to confirm the authenticity of the natural silk, you can do so through a small zipper on the side of the comforter.

The comforter’s ability to change with your body temperature is further enhanced by the cotton casing. Cotton is breathable, soft, and smooth. And just like silk, it is warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

LilySilk All Season White Silk Comforter with Cotton Covered-Silk Weight:2.0kg 100% Silk Duvet Quilt King 104x92 Inches Breathable

To care for the all-season mulberry silk comforter, spot clean it with lukewarm water and hang away from direct sunlight to air dry. It can then go for days on end without the need to clean it and especially if you like using a duvet cover.

If there’s need for a thorough cleaning, the manufacturers advise against using your washing machine and instead recommend consulting a professional cleaner.

To use a duvet cover, the mulberry silk comforter comes with 8 corner loops to secure it.

When not in use, you can put it in a dust bag that comes with every purchase to keep it clean and dust-free. 

It is available in California King-Size, King-Size, Queen-Size, Full-Size, Twin XL-Size, and Twin-Size and comes in white only.

The comforter ships worldwide and if you don’t like it for some reason, it comes with a 60-day money back-guarantee.


LilySilk all-season comforter leads the pack of the best silk comforters. - Helping you sleep at night

It is silk-filled, cotton shelled, and spot stitched. The comforter is duvet cover compatible and easy to care for.

It is available in white and is made to fit all bed sizes. The comforter ships worldwide and is returnable within 60 days of purchase.

If you are headed for high-end bedding, this comforter is the best bang for your buck!

LilySilk All Season White Silk Comforter with Cotton Covered-Silk Weight:2.0kg 100% Silk Duvet Quilt King 104x92 Inches Breathable

Quick FAQ

Are silk comforters worth it?

Although the best silk comforters are expensive, they give a luxurious sleeping experience that is totally worth it.

They are super soft on your skin but that’s not all; they do not dehydrate your skin as much as cotton and other materials, and hence, keeps it naturally supple and smooth.

When it comes to adjusting to the environment, silk is able to retain heat to keep you warm when it is cold and is also breathable to keep you from overheating in your sleep.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. This results from the fact that it repels common allergens and moisture that makes it easy for dust mites to thrive. Then, it does not have odors that can cause respiratory issues.

Due to the ability of silk to repel dust, bacteria, dirt, moths, mildew, molds, and odors, it stays clean for longer. 

Finally, silk is durable and if you are eco-conscious, the production of mulberry silk is so eco-friendly.

Are silk filled duvets good?

If you put the heftier price tag aside, silk-filled comforters have way more to offer than their natural and synthetic counterparts.

Here’s what makes silk-filled duvets really good:

  • Great for use all year round 
  • Keep clean longer
  • Last longer with proper care
  • Drape better than other natural filled duvets
  • Great for allergies and other sensitivities
  • Good for your skin
  • They add a luxurious beautiful feel to your bed
  • Silk is eco-friendly

How long do silk comforters last?

Silk comforters can last up to 20 years or more with proper care. Silk strands are exceptionally strong. Mulberry silk actually takes first place among the strongest natural fibers in the world.

The best silk comforter resists tearing, pulling, or snagging better than other comforters. It also repels moisture and other impurities that may degrade it. 

The durability of your silk comforter will also depend on how well you take care of it and the shell material.

To begin with, harsh detergents and frequent laundering can damage silk fibers and reduce their durability. 

For the most part, silk comforters hardly ever need entire cleaning as long as you air them in warm air away from direct sunlight every now and then.

Silk or other high-quality shells like 100 percent cotton sateen last long and don’t affect the natural properties of the silk filling.