The Best Sleeper Chairs in 2021 – That are also stylish and comfortable

Most of my generation live in small flats in the city. Sleeper chairs give you the benefit of having a chair that converts into a bed for any visiting guest. Here’s a review of the best sleeper chairs you can buy.

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best sleeper chair is, I recommend the GIA Sleeper Chair. - Helping you sleep at night

The best sleeper chairs serve the purpose of providing a chair for someone to sit on, saving on space but being practical, as well as folding flat so it can be used as a bed for those friends or family sleeping over for a fun weekend in the city.

Because unfortunately we have entered an era where not everyone can afford a big 3 bedroom house with a double garage.

Most of my generation live in small flats in the city, 1 or 2 bedroom flats, carefully decorated to save space but look stylish. 

Some of us own our homes, but most are still renting.

Either way, space is a luxury for most of us.

Sleeper chairs allow us to use our space in the best and most effective way.

HOMHUM Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper Chair,Adjustable 5 Position Backrest, Folding Arm Chair Sleeper w/Pillow, Upholstered Seat, Leisure Chaise Lounge Couch for Home, Office(Gray)

Finding the best sleeper chair is a challenge, do you need to save more space, do you have a small budget, and how much do you care about comfort or style?

Luckily, I’ve done all the homework for you.

Just keep reading.

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The Best Sleeper Chairs I Will Be Reviewing Today

dog sleeping on a chair

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How much is the perfect sleep chair?

The best sleeper chairs range from $300-600.  

They are well built, come with a warranty and some are also stylish.

Under $150 and you are looking at chairs that seem more designed for children’s rooms, or a playroom or a game room in someone’s basement.

Are sleeper sofas worth it?

Sleeper chairs allow you to use your budget or your limited floor space wisely.

By folding into either a bed or a sofa, you get to have both the benefits of a chair and an extra bed for visiting guests, without having to sacrifice on space or style. 

So yes, in my opinion, given the quality of options available, sleeper chairs are definitely worth it.

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon - Premium Upholstery and Wooden Legs - Navy Blue

Can you sleep on a sofa bed every night?

I would not recommend it. They are simply not designed with the same level of support for your spine or your body that normal mattresses are. 

What should I look for when buying a sleeper sofa?

For the best sleeper chair, look for the thickness and type of foam.

Thicker high density foam will be more comfortable and last longer.

Make sure the cover is either wipe clean or removable and washable. I find that dry cleaning a cover is a chore, so I would make sure I buy one where I can wash the cover myself in a normal washing machine.

Ease of assembly is also important.  If it’s too complicated and you need screwdrivers to convert it from a chair to a bed or vice versa, stay away. It should convert using not much more than a few levers.

What will you be using it for?  For a child’s room, a cheaper futon style sleeper chair will be the best option.  

For a stylish living room, you might want to spend a bit more money to have something that fits in with the rest of your furniture.

Mainstay Sofa Sleeper with Memory Foam Mattress | No-Tool Easy Assembly (Grey)

Warranty.  There should be at least some sort of limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

Finally, decide the size you want.  Do you need a twin size for 2 people to sit or sleep on, or just one?   Or is the size determined by the space you need to fit it into?

dog sleeping on a chair

Is there such a thing as a comfortable sleeper sofa?

Yes there are many options these days, at different budgets and different sizes.

While sleeper chairs or sofa beds are designed for occasional sleeping, as they don’t have the same level of support that a normal mattress might have, there are definitely many comfortable options available.

Look out for the thickness of the foam or the type of foam. 

You want something that is plush yet sturdy when lying on it. 

I would also stay away from a single size chair, as I find that single beds are so narrow I always feel that my arms are about to fall off the bed. 

Best Sleeper Chairs for Style and Comfort



GIA Tri-Fold Sofa Bed, With Pillow, Light Gray

  • Best sleeper chairs for stylish adults.
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  5

The Gia chair is more of a tradition looking sofa chair you might have in your living room, it just so happens that it can fold out to make a flat twin size bed.

Made from high density foam with a polyester cover, it has 5 different convertible positions all the way from normal chair to lounger to bed.

It’s a very stylish chair that is perfect for anyone who cares about how they decorate a room, and who doesn’t want a cheap looking item that’s practical but ugly.

Lroplie Sleeper Chair

Sofa Bed Twin Size Folding Sofa Bed Portable Sleeper Chaise Lounges with Detachable Armrest,Lroplie Arm Chair Sleeper Leisure Recliner Lounge Couch (Coffee 1)

  • Best sleeper chair for value versus size
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  3
  • 12 months hassle-free warranty

The Lroplie sleeper chair is a twin size 2 seater folding sofa bed with detachable armrests and a removable and washable cover.

Easy to assemble, it converts into a sofa, a chaise lounge and a flat bed, making it a very convenient option to have in a small apartment or dual use room.

It is also available in 2 other colours, and can be purchased as a single size as well.

Included are 2 pillows and a 12 months hassle-free warranty.

It’s a reasonably stylish looking chair, something you can put in your living room without feeling like a student, and it’s good value for a 2 seater chair.

Vonanda Sleeper Chair

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Modern Breathable Linen Guest Bed with Adjustable Sleeper for Small Room Apartment, Dark Gray

  • Best sleeper chair for anyone who hates assembling flat pack furniture.
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  4

The Vonanda sleeper chair might be a single seater chair or a single size bed, but it is very versatile.

It can fold into a square box sized ottoman, a sofa/chair, a chaise lounge (midway to a bed), and all the way flat to be used as a bed. 

This makes it the perfect sleeper chair for watching TV, reading, or simply extra seating in a small space.

In fact it has 5 different backrest adjustments so you will always be comfortable no matter how formal or relaxed your style of sitting is.

The fact that it can turn into an ottoman means it is a bit more space saving than some of the options reviewed here. 

I live in a small flat in the city, so I would personally use it as a footstool while sitting on the sofa, or put a tray on it to use it as a coffee table.

Best of all, this does not need any assembly. The Vonanda sleeper chair comes fully assembled in it’s ottoman form, so is perfect for anyone intimidated by flat pack furniture, or for anyone with mobility issues.

The company also offers a generous 180-day free trial to every customer and a 3-year promise, just make sure you keep the box in case you decide to send it back.

Your Zone Sleeper Chair

Your Zone - Flip Chair Convertible Sleeper Dorm Bed Couch Lounger Sofa Multi Color New (Blue) (Blue)

  • Best sleeper chairs for the colour choices.
  • 10 diff colours
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  3

The Your Zone sleeper chair is made from a soft suede material with a foam filling. 

It can be folded into a flat mattress, a chair, and lounger style chair by simply pushing the pillow blocks backwards or forwards.

It comes in 10 different fun colours, and would make a great addition to any small room.

It’s definitely more of a casual chair, something I  would put in a dorm room, or a playroom. However, there’s no reason you can’t add this to any room in your house.

Magshion Sleeper Chair

Magshion Futon Furniture Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Choose Color & Sized Single,Twin or Full (Single (5x23x70), Navy Blue)

  • Best sleeper chairs for reading to your children.
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  3

Like the Your Zone sleeper chair, this is another foam chair that folds out to make a mattress you can put on the floor.

There are a whopping 21 different colours to choose from, as well as 3 different sizes.

The filling is made from foam, making it soft and comfortable to sit and sleep on. 

There is a zipper on the side so you can take the cover off to wash it if you need to, although in my experience putting covers back on is a nightmare.

The only complaint is that it is a lot smaller than you expect. I know everyone is supposed to look at the measurements carefully, but I think most of us assume we know how wide a single bed is. I think we’re used to sleeping on a twin sized bed thinking it’s a single, so we’re surprised to see how small a single really is.  

If you plan on using it for small children, maybe to put in their room for them to sit on, the single will be fine, but I would advise you to buy the twin or the full size option instead of the single if adults will be using it.

Giantex Sleeper Chair

Giantex Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper Chair, 5 Position Adjustable Backrest, Folding Arm Chair Sleeper w/Pillow, Upholstered Seat, Leisure Chaise Lounge Couch for Home Office (Blue)

  • Best sleeper chairs for: your first rental.
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  3

The Giantex sleeper chair is more of a traditional looking chair, with a foam mattress that sort of folds underneath itself while in the chair position.  

It has armrests that fold down to the floor for additional stability when in a bed position.

The backrest can fold down from a 90 degree angle to 72, 54, 36, 18 and flat.

The mattress portion itself is made from high density foam while the legs are stainless steel, made to withstand a maximum weight of 440 pounds, all covered in a detachable cover that is also easy to wipe clean.

The stainless steel legs also have pads to protect your floors while dragging or moving the chair.

To be honest, this chair reminds me a bit of an airplane seat, maybe it’s the stainless steel legs and the angle they are set at, or the arm rests.  But luckily, unlike a cheap airplane seat, this one folds all the way down for a fully flat sleeping position.

Human Touch Zero Gravity Chair

Human Touch Perfect Chair "PC-420" Premium Full Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner, Espresso

  • Best sleeper chairs for naps in front of the TV.
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  4

The Human Touch chair is technically a zero-gravity chair, not a sleeper chair.  

Zero-gravity chairs are designed for a neutral posture, so your body weight is distributed more evenly to reduce pressure on certain points of your body.

Sleeper chairs fold down in some way where they are completely flat.

This chair does not go flat, but it does tilt backwards until you are effectively lying on your back.

This chair is definitely on the expensive side, but in my opinion, worth it.  

Made from a 100% full grain premium leather with a solid rubber tree wood base, it is sturdy and strong.

The lever for reclining ensures that you have a smooth motion from chair to lying on your back.

I think it’s a bit retro looking, but in a cool way, and because it’s made from high quality products, and will last you a very long time.

While not really meant for night sleeping, this is the perfect chair for naps in front of the TV, you know, those times when you get so sleepy that you are too lazy to actually get up and go to bed.

Simpli Home Asher Sleeper Chair

Simpli Home Asher Contemporary 42 inch Wide Sofa Bed in Denim Blue Linen Look Fabric

  • Best sleeper chairs for: a professional couple living in a small flat in the city.
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  5

The Asher fold-out sofa sleeper chair is a stylish chair that is easy to convert, constructed of solid and engineered wood, with a zig zag spring for extra support.

Like most it can be converted into 3 positions, chair, bed, lounger.

It’s wider than most chairs reviewed on this page, and the wooden legs give it a mid century modern look that will fit nicely in with your other furniture.

It is more expensive than other chairs on this page, but it is more of a proper chair as well as a fold out bed.  I would say it is a lot more comfortable and stylish than most options on this page.

I think this would be perfect for a professional couple living in a one bedroom flat in the city, as the chair will serve as a chair, a bed, and it’s very stylish.

DHP Emily Sleeper Sofas

DHP Emily Sectional Sofa Sleeper, Vanilla

  • Best sleeper chairs for value for money.
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  4

The DHP Emily sleeper chair is technically not just one chair, but 2, making this the best value for money here.

For the price you get a chaise lounge, plus a normal sofa with a backrest that folds down to make a twin sized bed.  So between the 2 sofas you can sleep 3 people.  

Both are beautiful modern sofas, made from white faux leather that is easy to wipe clean.

It’s a stylish addition to any room in your house.

In fact, it’s basically an entire sofa set, very stylish and also very affordable, with the additional benefit that both convert to beds for visiting guests.

DHP Dale Daybed (frame only)

DHP Dale Upholstered Daybed/Sofa Bed Frame, Twin Size, Blue Linen

  • Best sleeper chairs for best of both worlds.
  • Bedtime Specialist Score:  5

This option is technically neither a sofa nor a bed, but could be both.

I’ve left this one last, as I’m struggling to categorize it, and to be honest, I was struggling to decide if I should add it to my list, but I’ve decided I really like it so here it is.

This is a bed frame only. Well, it’s a frame for a daybed. You would have to put a mattress purchased separately on top of it.

I actually think this is a great option. It’s perhaps not a space saver like a fold-up single seater chair, but this option is probably going to be the best of both worlds.

You get a real bed with a real mattress, not just something that converts into one, plus you can use it to sit on and be comfy in front of the TV.

I am seriously considering getting one of these now.

It is upholstered in blue linen with a nail head trim, making it super stylish.

It ships in 2 boxes and is simple enough to assemble, and also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Editor’s Choice

Our best reviewed sleeper chair today is the GIA Sleeper Chair.

It’s priced at a mid range, not too expensive or cheap.

It’s very stylish, perfect for anyone who cares about how they decorate a room, and who doesn’t want a cheap looking item that’s practical but ugly.

Made from high density foam with a polyester cover, it’s comfortable to sit or lie on, and easy to keep clean.

It’s definitely an adult chair, not a chair for a student or a dorm room.

Also, check out my guide on how to finally get a good night’s sleep.

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