No More Dry Cleaning! This Is The Best Washable Down Blanket For Machine Washing At Home

I have found the best washable down blanket that you can throw in your home washing machine to keep it clean and hygienic whenever you want.

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best washable blanket is, I recommend the Ubauba All-Season Washable Down Comforter.

best washable down blanket

I fall in love with the stuff I put on my bed many times over.

But when it comes to bedding, I tend to fall more on the side of bedding that I can machine wash and less on the ‘Dry-Clean Only’ side.

To begin with, I feel like taking bedding to the dry cleaner is too much work, not to mention the dry cleaning fees, and the plethora of cleaning chemicals I just can’t get past.

That said, my job is to get the best of bedding, pillows, and mattresses out there and let you be the judge. For that reason, I don’t skimp on research.

Down makes one of the highest quality fillers in comforters and it is completely washable. 

However, due to the shell material and other limitations, the manufacturers may sometimes not recommend washing your comforter.

Not to worry though, trust me to find you a comforter that you can keep clean at the comfort of your own home.

Even in today’s technologically advanced world, before we consider buying something, we still need the word of at least one other person who has tried and loved the product…

Well, you’ve got the word of almost 2k happy customers on Amazon.

Need I say more?

I present to you a down blanket that remains super soft, fluffy and in great shape even after machine washing it, and it is…

Wait for it…

Our Editor’s Choice for the best washable down blanket is…

Ubauba All-Season Machine Washable Down Comforter

best washable down blanket

A product of Ubauba, this All-Season King Down Comforter is medium weight and the epitome of snuggly sleep.

The 700+ fill power and 100% cotton cover keep it lightweight, soft, and breathable, at the same time, warm enough for use all year round. 

You won’t also have suffering feathered friends in your conscience either; the company assures that the down used is ethically sourced and does not involve live-plucking of feather down.

If you are like me who sniffles and sneezes with the slightest provocation, then you will love this goose down comforter.  

Why? It comes with a down-proof 233 thread count cotton shell which not only provides a soft elegant finish but also keeps the down safely away from your skin and nose. 

Also, the version of cotton fabric used for the cover, combed cotton, comes specially treated before being spun to provide extra softness. 

Something else that helps to prevent down leakage is the double stitch hemming around the duvet insert which is further enhanced by elegant binding.

Again, the comforter is box-stitched to keep the down evenly distributed.

What size is your bed? The duvet insert is available in King-Size, Queen-Size, Twin-Size, and California King-Size. When it comes to color, you have the option of Grey or White which goes by the name All-Season.

You agree that keeping your blanket clean for long might be tricky, and especially if you prefer a white goose down comforter. Well, not when it is machine washable. 

With this one, all you’ve got to do is wash it with cold water, then tumble dry or sun dry it and you are good to go.

best washable down blanket

Notably, even with the best down comforters such as this, manufacturers advise against washing it too frequently as this lowers the quality of down.

Are you into duvet covers? Welcome to the club! To keep your down comforter in perfect shape and keep it clean between washes, I always advise using covers. 

As a bonus, you get to create different looks for your bed and probably even match your bedroom decor- you will be impressed to know that this comforter fits snugly inside a duvet cover and stays in place with the help of four corner tabs.

When you first receive your comforter, it might not look as fluffy as you would expect. This is because it is compressed for shipping.

All you need to do is give it a few hours after opening and pat it a little to make it fluffy again.

Finally, one reviewer on Amazon said and I quote “ I never want to get out bed with this duvet’’ 

That’s how I feel whenever I find something that enhances the quality of my sleep. So, what’s not to like about this top-rated washable down blanket?


Ubauba All-Season King Down Comforter is filled with down and covered with 100% cotton shell, making it lightweight, breathable, soft, and machine washable.

It is medium weight for all year round use, long-lasting, duvet cover compatible, and available in a variety of sizes.

And while it doesn’t have a Responsible Down Standard Certificate (RDS), it sources it feathers from CFDIA sources (China Feather & Down Industrial Association for Non Live-Plucking of Feathers and Down).

Seriously, what more could you ask for in a comforter?

If you would rather use a down alternative comforter, I’ve got you covered as well. Check out the best rated down alternative blanket.

best washable down blanket

Quick FAQ

Are down blankets machine washable?

Down itself is machine washable. However, some down blankets may come with a shell that can shrink or stretch when washed.

For this reason, it is important to read the instruction on the care label. If it says machine washable then it is. If it says dry clean only, then your comforter requires professional cleaning.

Can you wash a goose down blanket?

Even when the label says machine washable, you need to consider the capacity of your washing machine. If it is too small, your quilted blanket will not get clean. Also, you risk over-compressing it to distortion.

A capacity of 3.7 cubic feet or greater can handle a king-size down blanket. For a Queen, ensure that your machine is at least 3.5 cubic feet. The full and twin sizes will fit in a smaller machine.

If washing it at home sounds complicated, you are better off taking your duvet insert to the laundromat at a fee.

Note,  you should use cold water to avoid shrinkage, a mild detergent, and be patient to let it dry completely to avoid clumping and mold.

No More Dry Cleaning! This Is The Best Washable Down Blanket For Machine Washing At Home

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