How To Stay Cool While Sleeping: 25 Easy Ways To Beat The Heat

There are many ways to stay cool while sleeping.

The obvious methods that come to mind are air conditioners and fans.

Using a fan to stay cool while sleeping is the most cost effective way, whereas running an air conditioner will use more electricity and increase your monthly bills. 

Not to mention that a fan is cheaper to purchase than an air conditioning unit.

But let’s look at some other ways, including some free ones, to stay cool in hot weather so you can actually have a good night’s sleep.

How To Stay Cool While Sleeping 25 Easy Ways To Beat The Heat

How To Stay Cool While Sleeping

  1. Replace your duck or goose down bedding. 
    Real bird down feathers will hold on to heat much more than synthetic versions. 
  2. Get a cooling pillow
    There are pillows designed to promote air flow away from your head, or they have a gel layer that will help to cool down any heat released by your skin.
  3. Get a cooling mattress topper.
    Mattress toppers made from gel infused memory foam can assist in absorbing heat away from your body.
  4. Get cooling sheets.
    Percale cotton sheets are the best option for hot sleepers.
  5. Change your pyjamas.
    Uncomfortable and tight clothing will make you feel hot and bothered. Cotton and linen pyjamas are your best options for staying cool.
  6. Put away the wool blankets for summer.
    Wool, like goose down feathers, will hold on to heat to keep you warm. Great in winter. Not so great in summer.
  7. Freeze your bed sheets.
    Put them in a plastic bag and then leave them in the freezer for a few hours.
  8. Open a window.
    This will allow cool air to flow through your bedroom.
  9. Trap the cool air from the previous night.
    Close your windows and blinds early in the morning to trap the cool air from the night in your bedroom.
  10. Keep the room closed and dark during the day.
    This prevents hot air entering the room.
  11. Invest in black-out curtains or blinds.
    They deflect sunlight and heat.
  12. Hot water bottles, filled with cold water.
    Take out that hot water bottle you use in winter, fill it with cold water and put it in the freezer for a few hours for a nice cooling ice pack when you are ready to go to sleep.
  13. Cold showers.
    A cold shower before bedtime will wash away the heat and sweat from the day, and cool you down.
  14. Stay away from alcohol or big meals.
    Alcohol or big meals will activate your metabolism, making you feel unnecessarily hot during the night.
  15. Put a damp towel over yourself.
    Rumour has it that was what ancient Egyptians did.
  16. Stay out of your bedroom.
    Your body gives off heat. So does moving about.
  17. Switch off those gadgets.
    Electronic devices create heat. Yes, even your smartphone.
  18. Drink more water during the day.
    Keeping your body hydrated is a great way to also keep it cool.
  19. Sleep alone.
    The human body produces an enormous amount of heat, that’s why sleeping with a partner is like sleeping with a mini oven.
  20. Try a hammock.
    It allows for better airflow around your body.
  21. Take it down a notch.
    Hot air rises. Cold air goes down. So either sleep on a lower level of your house, or move your mattress to the floor.
  22. Use a fan.
    Fans create air movement which in turn creates a cool breeze that flows over your body.
  23. Try ice with your fan.
    Put a bowl with ice cubes in front of the fan. As the fan blows air over the ice cubes, moisture will be blown into the air creating a cooling effect.
  24. Mist your sheets so it’s a bit damp. Then turn on the fan.
  25. Buy an air conditioning unit.
    Definitely the best and coolest option, but also more expensive and not always an option for everyone.

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